Grain trailers

Grain Trailers eng

Like other trailers that are manufactured by Palmse Trailer, the grain trailer is also characterised by its stable construction with a strong frame, its high corrosion resistance and refinement quality, and a clever design. All grain trailers are supplied with grain hatches, but load covers and adjustable supportlegs can be purchased as accessories.

Usability is ensured by the addition of removable sides with different heights and a tilting option to the back or sides, depending on the model. Due to a smaller base weight, the grain trailers usually have better manoeuvrability, and the box, which can be tilted to three sides, also increases flexibility, making it especially suitable for transporting grain, rape, and green feed. Removing the sides also gives the user a tool that is similar to a platform trailer, which can be used for transporting manure bags or bales.